Do you believe email clients are boring?

I send emails every day, but the process brings me little enjoyment. I communicate important information on a daily basis, but it all looks so rigid, monotone and tasteless (at least to me). The Sova Mail App will be my attempt to add a new twist to emailing! Coming soon after the launch of the Winkle Writing App

With the recent surge of popularity of chat-like messenger clients, email has lost its domain as the number one method of personal communication. Email remains reserved for more formal inquiries or file sending. Sova Mail wants to combine a chat-like user interface and traditional emailing into a solution that makes emailing enjoyable once again. The Sova Mail app is not a revolutionary application, but aims to combine traditional and modern aspects users expect in an email client. Sova Mail wants you to enjoy emailing!!



  • IMAP/POP3 Support
  • Multiple Email Accounts
  • Built-in Reminders
  • Favorites
  • Automatic Draft Saving
  • Full-Featured Text Editor (Plus HTML)
  • File Manager
  • Gallery Preview
  • Tabbed Email View/Compose
  • Live Search
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Full-Screen View
  • Windows & Mac Version


Built-in Reminders

File manager

Multiple Email Accounts